Criminal Lawyer in Monterey County

Help for Out-of-Town Arrestees in Salinas and the Monterey Peninsula

An arrest is always a frightening and overwhelming experience, but getting arrested while you are away from home can be even more harrowing. Normally, your case must be tried in the jurisdiction where the crime allegedly took place.  For non-residents, in addition to the ordeal of a criminal trial, this means added travel costs and personal inconvenience.

Possible Consequences if You Are Arrested

For an offense committed in Monterey County, court appearances, negotiation conferences, and any resulting punishment must be handled locally.  However, an experienced lawyer can help reduce the punishment that must be served outside your home county or state.

In addition to any local punishments, if you are convicted of a crime in Salinas or the Monterey Peninsula area, you may still face additional consequences in your jurisdiction of residence.  For example, if you are from out of state, and you are convicted of a DUI in California, you may lose your license in your home state.  Additionally, no matter where you are from, a DUI conviction may lead to the loss of your car insurance.  A diligent lawyer can either help you avoid conviction or reduce the consequences of a conviction, should it prove unavoidable.  An attorney can also help you communicate with all the players involved, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, insurance companies, and the court.

The Importance of Local Lawyers

If you have been accused of a crime in Monterey County, but live elsewhere, you need a defense lawyer with specific experience in regional courts who can better represent you than someone from out of town.  Lawyers who are familiar with local judges, prosecutors and court proceedings will give your case the best chance for a favorable outcome.

Lawyers in Monterey County also significantly reduce the confusion and stress you face as a non-resident accused of a crime here.  Our attorneys make appearances on your behalf, communicate face-to-face with the judge and prosecutor in your case, interview any witnesses, and conduct an investigation—without the costly hourly fees you would incur if your attorney had to travel to perform these activities.  For more information about how we can handle your case, contact Terrance K. McCleerey, Attorney at Law today for a free initial consultation.

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